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Dec 05 2017

Fence with Post Bolted to Stone

A smaller job that may not deserve an entry except for an interesting method of anchoring the end post. Though…

Nov 10 2016

Roof Over a Pop Out

Shed roof over pop out. The owner of this travel trailer was tired of fighting with leaks that developed in…

Aug 11 2016

Sliding Under Porch Screen

The Concept.

The space under a porch is often used for storage. This customer’s porch was built over a slope …

Jul 04 2015

Deflector Fence Brace

A midpoint brace post was needed in the fence line but instead of a corner post requiring three posts and…

Jun 30 2015

One End of a Staight Section of Fence

New Brace

  A nice strong brace post pair to anchor the end of a straight section of woven wire fence. The…

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