Garage Door Upgrade

It may not look like much without paint until you see the before shot. The left door was sagging so I straightened it and made it square again. The right door was longer than the left and wouldn’t open. I removed some rocks blocking it’s swing open and cut the longer part off the bottom to match the left door. With a little fill thrown in at the bottom to keep out the critters it will be much more functional. What may not be obvious is the new trim around the door and bigger, stronger hinges that don’t lap onto the trim boards. At the bottom of the trim I added to pieces of pressure treated wood to endure being that close to the ground with is something the pine trim boards can’t stand. The two locking blocks at the top are old fashioned but effective. Last but not least, I repaired some damaged cedar shakes above the door. Ok, now check out the before photo.

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