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Jun 04 2016

Floor Finish Completed

The knotty pine floor matched the rustic cabin ambiance and the finish brought out the natural beauty of the wood.…

May 30 2016

Wide Plank White Pine Floor

A cabin built high on a hill several years ago needed flooring. Joist spacing was 24″ so the stiffening benefits…

Sep 04 2014

Screen Porch #1

New Screen

The Project

As promised, a little about the first screen porch. The existing screen was fiberglass and had been blown…

Jan 24 2014

Barn Repair and Expand

View of the barn on the way from the house.


This project is high on a hill with a…

Jan 18 2014

Acquiring some Bargain Wide Pine Flooring

800 Board Feet

Salvaged Logs

This lumber has been stickered outside for at least 5 years. It was a salvage…