Floor Finish Completed

The knotty pine floor matched the rustic cabin ambiance and the finish brought out the natural beauty of the wood. I was determined to use every board so some built-in defects add to the charm and with such a soft wood as white pine the antiquing process will go on with time as dents and scratches accumulate. It is a sacrificial floor in the aspect that it absorbs impacts and takes a beating while the thing dropped is less likely to break as when dropped on a harder surface like hardwood or tile. Vermont Natural Coatings floor finish was used. It looks great and it is so fast drying that multiple coats could be applied in a day. Another nice feature is that it does not expel strong odors or fumes.

Finish Shine

View to the bathroom over extra-large threshold.

Living Room

The light-colored pine will soon to be darkened by the sun thereby evening up the colors.

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