Dec 05 2017

Fence with Post Bolted to Stone

A smaller job that may not deserve an entry except for an interesting method of anchoring the end post. Though…

Oct 08 2017

Hardwood Floor Patch

Where maple patch meets oak floor. This probably happens a lot. Two small bedrooms made into one and the closets…

Sep 28 2017

Standoff Second Story Braced Deck

completed with railing

The Backstory

This building was built 20 years ago with the intention of a deck accessed by…

Sep 12 2017

Drywall Taping the NH Project

Butt seam in the closet. Beyond some small repair projects, my only prior drywall taping experience was with the “Great…

Jul 31 2017

New Walls

In two days we hung most of the drywall at the New Hampshire project also in earlier posts: ceiling, windows…

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