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Revitalized Sun Porch

The new wall showing window and door openeings.

The sun porch on this log cabin was originally built with sliding door panels but the rollers failed so with… Read more

Sliding Under Porch Screen

The Concept.

The space under a porch is often used for storage. This customer’s porch was built over a slope … Read more

Screen Porch #2 Posts

Plumbing up the Bent Wall

The Next Phase

The next phase for Screen Porch #2 was addressing the rotted posts. Unfortunately they were built from… Read more

Screen Porch #1

New Screen

The Project

As promised, a little about the first screen porch. The existing screen was fiberglass and had been blown… Read more

Salvaging the Screen Door

Screen Door
A custom fit screen door that is part of screen porch #2 project. It had lost its bottom piece and… Read more

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