Category: Siding

Jul 27 2016

Re-Siding House and Barn

Sloped Mopboard

Not a whole house project but rather a partial re-siding where the snow and splash from the drip edge had…

Aug 27 2015

Custom Crawl Space Access Doors

Finished Doors

A wall on this camp was never or was no longer attached to the building so would swing in the…

Aug 27 2015

Siding Repair

New Siding Boards

Rotten wood removed.

The Problem.

What started as just replacing a few rotted siding boards, turned into a fairly major…

Jun 05 2015

Window and Doors

Heavy two window unit in place. I asked the owner to help lift the window into place. “It’s heavy”, I…

Feb 02 2014

More Sheep Barn Lumber

What a great resource these old portable mill sawn boards have been. As a sudden emergency project, the owner asked…

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