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Carpenter and website developer. Amateur photographer.

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Bathroom Floor 12″x12″ Tile

The “S” curve cut Just a tile floor? Yes, but check out the photo gallery below to see the long… Read more

Bathroom Floor 24″X12″ Tiles

This tile floor project used giant 2’X1’ tiles. The manufacturing process puts a slight arch in them so you can’t… Read more

A Ticket Booth that Folds

The Ticket Booth in use at Wild Wings Ski Touring Center In these times of COVID-19 creative solutions keep solving… Read more

Camp Roof with a View

As with many low pitch roofs, this camp was roofed with roll roofing which was sealed down with roofing tar… Read more

A Covid-19 Shed for Skiers

Skier Shed for Covid-19 Distancing It seems unlikely at first but the answer to the Covid-19 for a nordic ski… Read more

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