Garage Door Replaced


After a paint job.

The owner of this door found it difficult to use because it was too heavy to lift and too narrow to comfortably fit a truck. A door from another garage was available but was wider and shorter so first the opening had to be resized. Then I installed the door and had it raising and lowering with little effort but the recycled door came with an automatic opener. My electrician friend took a look at it and showed me which wires to connect to a pushbutton switch and it worked perfectly. Even the remote worked! I was quite happy with the whole thing so made a quick video with music all on my iPhone. I’ve added it below. An automatic opening door isn’t miraculous, except to the owner who had endured the inconvenience of a door too heavy for her to lift as well to me because it was so heavy I threw my back out lifting it!


    • Joanne on April 7, 2012 at 3:44 pm
    • Reply

    It’s awesome! It makes my life so much easier now that I can open it with a button instead of having to find someone strong enough to lift it.

    1. Glad the hear it is working for you. 🙂

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