Tag: repair

Oct 08 2017

Hardwood Floor Patch

Where maple patch meets oak floor. This probably happens a lot. Two small bedrooms made into one and the closets…

Sep 12 2017

Drywall Taping the NH Project

Butt seam in the closet. Beyond some small repair projects, my only prior drywall taping experience was with the “Great…

Jan 01 2017

Building Trusses in Place

Truss Braces Added

Note the original vertical brace in weathered wood color. An interesting project for a 1970s roof that has been stressed…

Nov 04 2016

Roof Repair and New Architect Shingles

Rot into plywood and rafters. Thanks to complications involving pre-paying a busy roofer (not me!) who couldn’t find the time…

Sep 12 2016

Trying Out the Kreg Jig

Rotted end cut off and replaced with horizontal grain dutchman. This spliced dutchman was installedĀ using a Kreg Jig. The…

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