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Equipment Shed

The Need

My clients upgraded their ski trail grooming equipment and the larger size made the need for a larger… Read more

Beams Built in Place

This coop design relies on two beams that rest on top of the posts to support the roof. They are… Read more

The Great Wall

Originally the owner of The Great Wall solely wanted to remove old siding on the back of a porch addition (the name refers to the shed roof addition that originally was built as a porch) that ran the length of the house and re-side with vinyl to match the rest of the house. There were extras like cutting off pool shaped contours of the deck where there was no longer a pool. Also splash from the roof had obviously rotted part of the wall adjacent to the deck so there was at least some repair work on the schedule.

Shed Roof Wood Shed

A wood shed designed for minimal maintenance besides filling it with wood. Though the roof pitch is fairly flat the… Read more

Free Standing Wood Shed

This project was to replace an old wood shed in New Hampshire that had a flat roof, was rotted and… Read more