Category: Shed

Nov 10 2016

Roof Over a Pop Out

Shed roof over pop out. The owner of this travel trailer was tired of fighting with leaks that developed in…

Jun 26 2015

Chicken Coop Accessories

Coop Ramp

Not commonly needed in a chicken coop, this one gets a “Duck Deck” because it is shared with ducks who…

Jun 26 2015

Chicken Coop Hardware Cloth to the Ground and Below

Hardware Cloth to the Ground

The lower section of hardware cloth has been added to the pen that extends below the sod. It makes a…

May 31 2015

Chicken Coop Housewrapped

This chicken coop is truly deluxe and will be completely wrapped in housewrap to keep drafts out. I’ve made a…

May 29 2015

Rafters, Strapping and Roofing

The next several days saw good progress with the roof. In fact the roofing went on so quickly we had…

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