A Covid-19 Shed for Skiers

Skier Shed for Covid-19 Distancing
Skier Shed for Covid-19 Distancing

It seems unlikely at first but the answer to the Covid-19 for a nordic ski area is this shed which can provide skiers some protection from the elements yet allow them to socially distance and not be “inside.” With one entire side open and gable end vents there surely must be adequate ventilation! Now that it is built the ski area is also finding it useful as a location to sell ski passes when the weather is less than optimal. Their fair weather routine is to sell them in the parking lot.

The shed was a kit from Jamaica Cottage Shop and all the pieces were precut! It was a treat not needing to cut every piece but there were disadvantages too. Finding the parts became almost a full time job for one person. Every board, big or small, was numbered and needed to be found before it was needed. This often became a challenge when the needed pieces were on the bottom of one of the bundles that were delivered. Regardless, the owners were pleased the kit made the project go quickly. In 8 days it was done and just in time for ski season!

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