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Nov 10 2016

Roof Over a Pop Out

Shed roof over pop out. The owner of this travel trailer was tired of fighting with leaks that developed in…

Jun 04 2016

Floor Finish Completed

The knotty pine floor matched the rustic cabin ambiance and the finish brought out the natural beauty of the wood.…

Aug 27 2015

Siding Repair

New Siding Boards

Rotten wood removed.

The Problem.

What started as just replacing a few rotted siding boards, turned into a fairly major…

Jul 20 2015

A Small but Essential Roof

Ice and Water

To a summer camp on a lake it seems like folks live on the screen porch more than anywhere else.…

Jul 19 2015

New Roof Salvages Historic School House in Adirondacks

An interesting old school-house in the Adirondacks of New York needed some desperate attention. Besides it’s historic value, it retains…

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