A Small but Essential Roof

Ice and WaterTo a summer camp on a lake it seems like folks live on the screen porch more than anywhere else. Thus the importance of fixing the roof of this leaky porch. It was roofed with rolled roofing and no rubberized underlayment. Though the rolled roofing was still in good shape, the nearly flat pitch allowed water to work between the layers causing a frustrating leak that seemed to move from one spot to another. Twice in the past couple of years I had made quick repairs with some extra rolled roofing on this very roof but that only gave the water more layers to work into by capillary action. I have dealt with similar porch roofs in New Hampshire and in Rutland that required a rubberized underlayment to keep the water out. The owners of this camp knew it was time to apply that solution here too.

I’ve included shots of the underlayment because that’s the only thing different about this roof. Otherwise it was topped off with the usual nice neat architect shingles.


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