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New Cedar Shingle Roof

The old cedar roof was rotting and growing a considerable quantity of moss especially on the north side. Except for… Read more

Re-Siding House and Barn

Sloped Mopboard

Not a whole house project but rather a partial re-siding where the snow and splash from the drip edge had… Read more

Felt Paper and Ice and Water Shield

After allowing the soaked roof sheathing to dry in the sun, I put on Ice and Water Shield and felt… Read more

Fixing a Leaking Metal Roof

Long plagued by leaks, this metal roof on a camp has been patched multiple times. The roofing needed to have… Read more

Screen Porch #2 Posts

Plumbing up the Bent Wall

The Next Phase

The next phase for Screen Porch #2 was addressing the rotted posts. Unfortunately they were built from… Read more

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