New Cedar Shingle Roof

New Cedar Roofing

Unfortunately the new wood color will soon gray.

The old cedar roof was rotting and growing a considerable quantity of moss especially on the north side. Except for the staging I had help on this project! The owner’s son and I ripped off the old roof, replaced some strapping and put on the new shingles in one day. The owner picked up the old shingles so it was a team effort. I wished there had been more shingles to make the reveals closer on the ridge cap but our instructions were to use what we had. We applied a layer of bithuthane under the ridge cap so the cap shingles’ only function was to keep the sun off. My first time applying sawn cedar shingles to a roof. I have used them for siding before and had used hand split cedar shingles for roofing. It went fast and the appearance is very nice.


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