Sun Porch Exterior

With the windows and door in, the board and baton siding could be put on. This side is new rough sawn lumber. Not enough of the weathered boards to do it but it looks nice in fresh wood color too. They will weather soon enough. Yes, careful inspection of the photos reveals one weathered board where I needed a wider board to make things come out right and a weathered board was all that was available in the greater width. It will blend in after after some time.

The door proved to be a bit of a challenge. Since it was used, it wasn’t straight so some minor adjustments were needed to make it close against the seal. Then I noticed the battens were much thicker than the original trim so when the storm door was put on a threshold extension was needed for the bottom of the storm door to seal.

Different planes on the west wall required a mitered return on the upper part of the corner board to hide the extra spacing. This occurs at the horizontal wooden drip cap in the last gallery photo. The upper section is actually 3/4″ indented compared to the new lower section. The miter is difficult to see in the photo but that was the idea – hide the discrepancy!

Next the owner will spray foam the walls to make this the warmest, draft free space in the house. It’s only heat source is the sun so cloudy days and evenings will be cool but there is much anticipation of hanging out in a toasty, sunlit space conducting business on a laptop, spinning wool into yarn and weaving on a loom. If the sun room gets too hot, the plan is to open the door to the house and let the heat flow into the living room. Screens in the windows allow for ventilation in the summer.

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