Wide Plank White Pine Floor

A cabin built high on a hill several years ago needed flooring. Joist spacing was 24″ so the stiffening benefits of a wide plank floor made sense. Sourced from a local mill, the pine boards were planed on 3 sides which saved a little money on materials verses 4 sides planed.

Boards were squeezed tight together often using wedges.

Boards were squeezed tight together often using wedges.

The owners didn’t care about sanding the floor flat but wanted a nice looking pine floor. The boards are 12″ wide and 7/8″thick. I glued and nailed them at every joist with cut nails. It created the desired effect and stiffened the floor nicely.

Several boards were delivered sun stained which I hesitated to use but knowing the whole floor would soon be darkened by the sun, I used them anyway so the floor will look better as it ages and the few darkened boards blend in.

Here is a gallery of photos showing the work. Because there were several items that needed to stay inside, I completed the bedroom first so it could be used as storage while I completed the rest of the floor.


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