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A Deluxe Chicken Coop

A new chicken coop project includes a duck box¬†under the coop and is surrounded by a chicken pen that… Read more

Screen Porch #2 Posts

Plumbing up the Bent Wall

The Next Phase

The next phase for Screen Porch #2 was¬†addressing the rotted posts. Unfortunately they were built from… Read more

Dock Needing Repair

Finished Dock

Moved Out of Position

Another dock adjacent to the one in the previous post, Dock Needing Repositioning, not only needed… Read more

Dock Needing Repostioning

Problem with the Dock

The problem with wooden docks, or more accurately, wooden dock posts is that the ice in… Read more

Screen Porch #1

New Screen

The Project

As promised, a little about the first screen porch. The existing screen was fiberglass and had been blown… Read more

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