More Sheep Barn Lumber


What a great resource these old portable mill sawn boards have been.

As a sudden emergency project, the owner asked me to leave the barn extension project to fortify the lower part of the sheep barn that is currently used as a run in shelter for a mule and donkeys. They have been breaking through the vertical siding to make a new exit when a dominant animal insists on blocking the one entrance. Apparently a donkey won’t allow themselves to be captured this way so back up to a wall and kick until there is a hole they can escape through. The plan is to add some additional 2×6 framing to beef up the wall and cover the inside with these 1″ rough sawn boards. The current covering is only 3/4″  vertical ship lap with spans between nailers much too far. Some will need to be replaced and all will need to be nailed to the new framing.

The specific boards in this photo have been designated for pine flooring and 12″ or narrower from this stash will be used for the sheep barn. Time will tell if they will stand up to being kicked.

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