Fencing Out Livestock

Pressure treated posts and rails. A new project involves upgrading an existing sheep wire fence. A flock of sheep and their guard donkeys occasionally break through or over the fence and help themselves to the land owner’s yard and shed so a better fence around the homestead is in order.

First on the list of upgrades was a gate across an old road through the back yard. The gate has tipped the gate post enough so it stuffed and stopped swinging. I installed a brace post and pole that pulled the gate post up straight again and the gate now swings all the way around as It did when it was new. Of course the trick is to hold the gate that way permanently. Buried 4 feet, I expect the brace post will do the job as it pulls on the top of the gate post and the gate post pushes on the top of the brace post so it won’t lean over either.


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