Bathroom Floor 12″x12″ Tile

The “S” curve cut

Just a tile floor? Yes, but check out the photo gallery below to see the long road it took to get there! The original was linoleum. All the floors in the house seem to dip toward the chimney including this bathroom. We speculate when it was built, the carpenters cut a hole through the floor joists for the chimney without blocking or doubling joists to support the cut ones but in any event the sloping floors (first and second stories) were not fixed at this point so construction continued on building on the sloping floors. For an example, in this small bathroom the miscellaneous barn boards used for sub floor slope about 2 inches in 7 feet. When the linoleum was installed the floor was shimmed to compensate for only some of the slope. I too, only took out some slope because it seemed more important to match the level of the existing oak flooring in the hall (also sloping). I have to add that the wall board in this house is made of concrete! I’m talking about 3/4″ of solid, heavy concrete so we know the floors are well supported now because of the incredible weight they are supporting. There are posts in the basement and and an interior support wall holding things up now.

To make a long lasting tile floor with 1 1/4″ of plywood under it, I had to ignore the barn board subfloor and start new with 2 layers of plywood on top of new shims. The added thickness plus the 1/4″ hardibacker, plus mortar, plus tile came out to 1″ above the hallway floor so I had to make a threshold to smooth out the difference and cut the bottom of the door off as well. Check out the process below.

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