Bathroom Floor 24″X12″ Tiles

This tile floor project used giant 2’X1’ tiles. The manufacturing process puts a slight arch in them so you can’t make joints at the mid point like subway style tiles because you’d have highest points meeting lowest points at the intersections but thirds works. The subfloor in this house was only 1/2” plywood which makes the oak flooring in the rest of the house structural! In the bathroom 5/8” underlayment plywood stiffened up the flimsy subfloor which was mostly intact. The section under the washer and dryer had been replaced with a different thickness so I had to replace it to make it even with the rest of the floor.

The trick for this job was a little 4 wheel dolly that allowed me to move the washer and dryer and the vanity. The narrow hallway required the vanity to be wheeled in on end. Fortunately I had help on both ends of the project moving these large items.

I’ve included a gallery below showing the process.

The garage became a bad weather work space and a shelter for my trailer and tools.

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