Window and Doors

Heavy two window unit in place.

Heavy two window unit in place.

I asked the owner to help lift the window into place. “It’s heavy”, I assured her. She grabbed one end and said, “It’s not too bad,” and then smiling, “I’m an animal!” With just a bit of a grunt she lifted her end and me my end about chest high to rest the bottom edge in the rough opening. From there¬†it was an easy tip of the window into place. Nice to have such determined assistance!

She was also busy hanging fleece in the stud bays. It was extra material she wanted to use up so served as insulation she didn’t have to buy. Talk about resourceful! I was very happy to avoid¬†fiberglass fibers from flying around.

The door was also installed and I made a sliding door for the chicken access with a dowel that slid into a hole to hold it open.


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