New Roof on an Outbuilding

New roof on the back with new ridge vent at the top.

One of the outbuildings at Wild Wings Ski Touring Center needed a new roof so, with the owner’s assistance, he and I knocked it out in a couple of days. A third day we added some ventilation with a ridge vent and soffit vents. The front side was too steep to walk on so roof brackets made the job easy and a place to store shingles on the roof. The rear roof was walkable but even so a course of brackets and planks at the bottom provided a place to store shingles.

If you watch the video you’ll see one odd order of things: the felt paper went on top to the bottom. I do this to avoid setting up roof brackets again and putting more holes in the felt. It’s easy enough to reverse the lap so the water still runs off. Also odd is that the whole thing runs fast as a time lapse except while Chuck and I were having lunch I thought I’d shut off the camera but instead I’d switched modes to regular video capture and Tracy can be seen collecting nails with the magnet sweeper. Even though I sped it up a little it, the segment appears to be slow motion because the time lapse goes by so fast. It’s all relative, apparently!

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