Dormer Restoration on an Old House

Dormer Needing Restoration

This was the state of the dormer when I first saw it.

This dormer was added some years ago as the windows were the old style with oak sills. New replacement windows had been installed in place of the old sashes, but siding was either never installed or had been removed and not replaced. Remains of house wrap could be seen still attached to the cheek walls.

The owner helped me on this project. We removed the old insulation stuffed around the windows and replaced it with spray foam. The trim had been saved so after painting on some primer, I re-installed it. One modification was to add copper caps over the sills that had already seen enough weather. From the same copper stock I bent some drip caps for over the top trim. Now the windows seemed well protected and the copper would corrode to a neutral green and blend in with the rest of the house. The owner applied felt paper to the cheek  walls and we both wrapped the front before the trim went on.

Check out the gallery for some in progress shots. Next phase is to side the dormer with cedar shakes.

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