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Wide Plank Oak Floor

A Rounded Cut

Back Story

This job has been a long time coming. Years ago when I was first introduced to the home… Read more

Information on Flooring Moisture Content

According to Q&A of Journal of Light Construction manufactured hardwood flooring may be kiln dried to 8% moisture content (MC). It recommends… Read more

The Naked Table Project

Discovering The Naked Table Project

I ran across this project because I have used Vermont Natural Coatings floor finish in… Read more

Acquiring some Bargain Wide Pine Flooring

Salvaged Logs

This lumber has been stickered outside for at least 5 years. It was a salvage of trees cut… Read more

New Tile for Entry Floor

Another part of the entry project is replacing the old broken tile. The old floor showed signs of excessive flexing… Read more

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