Category: Farm and Ranch

One End of a Staight Section of Fence

New Brace

  A nice strong brace post pair to anchor the end of a straight section of woven wire fence. The… Read more

Fencing Out Livestock

A new project involves upgrading an existing sheep wire fence. A flockĀ of sheep and their guard donkeys occasionally break… Read more

Chicken Coop Accessories

Coop Ramp

Not commonly needed in a chicken coop, this one gets a “Duck Deck” because it is shared with ducks who… Read more

Chicken Coop Hardware Cloth to the Ground and Below

Hardware Cloth to the Ground

The lower section of hardware cloth has been added to the pen that extends below the sod. It makes a… Read more

Coop Hardware Cloth

Pen Door

Progress on the coop has included, framing to hold hardware cloth, an access door to the pen, hardware cloth covering… Read more

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