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Home Building Project

Cliff Dutton Carpentry has been making home improvements since 2009. Before there was a Cliff Dutton Carpentry, Cliff gained extensive experience building for contractors starting back in 1989. His range of experience spanned from roofing and decks through complete homes, foundation to finish. These included traditional frame buildings as well as timber frame homes. On his own, 20 years later in 2009, he has been applying his skills to building projects such as decks, woodsheds, roofs, wood floors as well as major repairs and renovations. This is only a partial list as the types of projects Cliff Dutton Carpentry has completed. You’ll see they are quite diverse in his blog where you can see past projects and the results of good planing, efficiency and attention to detail.

 Keeping Efficiency in Mind.

IMGP3823Speaking of efficiency, energy efficiency and reducing/eliminating burning fossil fuels for home heating are core beliefs that are reflected in Cliff’s work. A background in forestry influences his thinking. Firewood is considered a green heating fuel and even said to be solar energy. Something earlier generations never thought of but in heating with wood, they burned solar energy in their heating and cook stoves. What sense does it make to rely on imported oil from war prone areas half way around the world when we have ample solar energy in our woods all around us? Cliff believes burning firewood is a wise choice for Vermonters, since it is plentiful, local and renewable. Here lies his interest in building woodsheds. Modern wood stoves reduce pollution and wood consumption, while thoughtful harvesting and forest management can keep our forests healthy and sustainable.

Uses for this Website.

Cliff created this website so his customers can view and share blog posts about their projects with friends and to promote his carpentry business. Comments are open at the end of every blog post where customers and anyone with a sincere comment about the specific post is invited to write. Please use the email form to contact Cliff directly or if your comment does not pertain to a particular blog post. Check the testimonials page to see what Cliff’s customers are saying. Choose specific subjects using categories or use tags for more specific topics.

 The Other Building Job.

Cliff also builds things with electrons instead of wood in his website business where he hosts websites on a green server. See his Web Design Site for more information. Building either way requires planning, measuring dimensions and calculating sizes. It’s what Cliff does.

Bathroom Floor 12″x12″ Tile

Just a tile floor? Yes, but check out the photo gallery below to see the long road it took to get there! The original was linoleum. All the floors in the house seem to dip toward the chimney including this bathroom. We speculate when it was built, the carpenters cut a hole through the floor …

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Bathroom Floor 24″X12″ Tiles

This tile floor project used giant 2’X1’ tiles. The manufacturing process puts a slight arch in them so you can’t make joints at the mid point like subway style tiles because you’d have highest points meeting lowest points at the intersections but thirds works. The subfloor in this house was only 1/2” plywood which makes …

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A Ticket Booth that Folds

In these times of COVID-19 creative solutions keep solving problems where people might be exposed to someone carrying the disease. One such situation is at a Nordic ski area called Wild Wings Ski Touring Center where people want to ski, an ideal no-contact outdoor activity except for buying tickets and renting skis which is traditionally …

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Camp Roof with a View

As with many low pitch roofs, this camp was roofed with roll roofing which was sealed down with roofing tar under the edges. The technique definitely weather proofs the building but for how long? Rolled asphalt roofing is notoriously short lived and this one was well beyond its useful life. Putting off replacement of such …

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