Free Standing Wood Shed

Free Standing Wood Shed

New shed is independent from old garage, left.

This project was to replace an old wood shed in New Hampshire that had a flat roof, was rotted and close to falling in. The new shed, designed with a horse shed design, relies on six 6×6 pressure treated posts supporting a top beam and rear beam. Front rafters are cantilevered out to make snow removal easier because no posts are in the way of the plow. The front roof is standing seam to match the house while the back roof is a matching color corrugated roofing. For siding, rough sawn hemlock boards were nailed vertically and any gaps that develop due to shrinkage improve air flow to dry firewood inside. Below is a slide show of images from the project. More images and descriptions can be found here.


    • Carol on April 18, 2012 at 8:40 am
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    It’s so nice to have a very sturdy and attractive woodshed, but the best part is that I don’t ever need to shovel snow off the roof. Cliff’s design works perfectly. It’s also great to find an honest carpenter who sticks to the job at hand and is willing to work with a homeowner to get things just right. Cliff often arrives at a job site in his very fuel efficient Honda Insight (my favorite mode of transportation too) outfitted with, no surprise here, a trailer system perfectly designed to do the job of hauling construction supplies.

    1. Glad to hear your shed is working well for you.

      Actually my light weight aluminum trailer is more perfect for carrying kayaks, its intended use, but if I only need to carry a ladder and/or a few planks, pulling it behind the Insight instead of driving the truck uses 1/3 as much gas. You must have been reminded of it by pictures in the blog of your father’s camp roof. It is a unique all aluminum design by Rack and Roll but the company was bought by Yakima, the roof rack company.

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